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Online casino reviews are recommended to read and study carefully before picking a site to join.

No two online casinos are alike. Even if they use the same software platform - and often they do - the many elements that make an online casino can make your experience totally different. Take, for example, casino payment methods.

An online casino's localization means more than the language it comes in (English, in this case). Some have gone the extra step (or more) to cater to the Australian player with local payment methods. But that's not all! Various bonuses and VIP rewards schemes, customer support availability and service, and the mere licenses a casino holds differ as does your experience playing them.

We've reviewed the best Australian casino sites just for you. So choose your gambling destination and start playing!" An online casino's localization means more than the language it comes in (English, in this case). Some have gone the extra step (or more) to cater to the Australian player with local payment methods. But that's not all! Various bonuses and VIP rewards schemes, customer support availability and service, and the mere licenses a casino holds differ as does your experience playing them. We've reviewed the best Australian casino sites just for you. So choose your gambling destination and start playing!

About Online Casinos

For the internet savvy customers, the online casino is a service that allows them to take their chances by betting money online. Being an industry that was one of the initial ones to be established on the internet, the online casino has steadily grown as new technological advances surfaced. Presently, hundreds of online casinos which are supported by a multitude of varying companies that deals on software and are also backed by many management groups are available.

Online casinos are comparatively unregulated when compared to most online industries. It is an industry that bases itself on the capitalist method of self-regulation which stems from a style of advertising known as affiliate-style marketing which is used to promote the different casinos. However, employing these techniques does not effectively prevent the nonpayment and the stalling tactics being done by fraudulent casinos, they only serve to help direct online gamblers to sites with no history of fraud.

Legality Issues

There are some governments that restricts online gambling to a certain extent. France and The United States are two such countries that often have issues for playing online although there are also others. A lot of licensing jurisdictions and software providers will not allow players from this locations to register accounts. Online gambling legalization is a subject of ongoing debate with a myriad of factors involved in it, including protectionism, problem gambling, and civil values.

Technology Facts

The quality of online casinos have advanced as the technology of computers did. Simple HTML code with JavaScript is being utilized by online casinos. The most popular form is using downloadable casino clients which uses the power of the computer to simulate the games. With the recent advancements in Web-focused technology and also mobile technology, the preferred platform for playing in online casinos is now HTML5 and Adobe Flash.


Online Casinos differ in the types of games and multitude of games they have. Currently, it is the online video slot which is the most prevalent and popular style of game. These are games which are based on video slot games which can be found in land based establishments. Some of these online video slot games are mirror images of the video slots found in brick-and-mortar establishments. Other games like this are fixed odds games, video poker, roulette, dice games, card games, and three-reel slots.

To create their library collection of games, most casinos get their licensure with the help of third parties. Rival, Cryptologic, Net Entertainment, Real Time Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming are among the most widely known software providers for online casinos. They vary on the percentage of the casino’s operations are under their control. Some of these only provide the games to the casinos and leave the online casinos to do their own back end processing while others give the casinos an entire suite of products and are often called a “turnkey” provider.


Online casinos have become more and more adaptable as technologies about the Web advanced. There is a decrease in casinos that uses only one software platform and are focused in only one group of players. The growth by the instant play platform has amounted to the growth in the trend of casinos that offers multi-gaming, and multi-software which lets players get the best of entertainment a single site has to offer. Many online casinos also include various other options for betting like poker, sports, financials, and live gaming in addition to their use of diverse software providers.

Mobile Casinos

It is with the start of the advancements in Smartphone technology that the industry of on-the-go gambling really took off, despite its existence for the past years. Since a lot of the online casinos already have the instant versions of the gaming options they offer, a lot of them were able to transport several of their most widely known games to their very own mobile platform. In fact, some of the online casinos are so advanced that they now have a dedicated page for mobile users. This lets the players to play most games and also to get their bonuses on their Smartphones.


A significant number of online casinos will have at least a single form of jackpot structure which are typically progressive in nature especially for the largest ones. The jackpots on the progressive online games works similarly to the land-based ones. The casino starts a seed amount in the jackpot pool and then a percentage of every bet each player makes on the game is then added to the prize in the jackpot pool.

It is often that the jackpots may have several different forms. It is common that the jackpot will solely be for a single game. Examples of this would be Real Time Gaming’s Shopping Spree or Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. There are also instances that the jackpots can be linked to a group of certain games that usually shares a common ground or theme. Playtech’s The Marvel Comics Series and Net Entertainment’s Wonder Series are good examples of this. It is very rare that a site wide progressive jackpot like WMS’s Jackpot Party Casino would be applicable for all games.


The primary way that casinos utilize to compete with each other is by bonuses, hence, the term “bonus culture” also refers to the world of online casinos in present times. The most popular among the types of bonuses is the “welcome bonus”. It works by having a certain percentage match the first deposit of the player. So a player who takes a match bonus of 100% on $150 deposit will start with a bankroll of $300.

Oftentimes, because of the special terms and conditions that are attached to these bonuses, disputes often arise between the casino and the player. There are wagering (or playthrough) requisites that come with these terms. Those requirements stipulate on what games a certain player must play the deposit and how to bet on it prior to making a withdrawal. Some other terms can include restrictions such as country limitations, maximum withdrawal ceilings, and time restrictions.

No deposit bonuses are often the types of bonuses with the most restrictions. If used as a form of welcome bonus, there would be a lot of restrictions that are imposed on a no deposit bonus. Such restrictions often include extensive regulation and verification by the casino given the fact that bonus funds are easily accessible to anyone who opens an account. Even if there are exemptions, most of the online casinos do set some wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses that are usually significantly higher compared to match deposit. It is almost always that online casinos will also restrict the money that can be withdrawn from the amount of the bonus upon matching the playthrough, often to a value of 5 to 10 times the bonus value.

Conditions and Terms

Most of the players do run into trouble due to their failure to read the terms and conditions of the casino prior to playing. This can be attributed to the fact that a lot of people do not really read the conditions and terms of online services. Still, players are very much encouraged by both the online casinos and its affiliates to have a good grasp of the rules behind a casino’s game prior to playing it. If a dispute filed by a player is due to the player’s failure to understand the conditions and terms of the casino, it very unlikely that the dispute will be resolved in favor of the player.

Since there is no authority that oversees and dictates what casinos cannot and can demand from the players, there is also no restriction on what casinos are allowed to include or not to include in their terms of service. Largely due to this fact that this is one of the factors that might poster having a regulating body to govern online casinos.


It is due to the affiliate programs that online casinos largely depend for their success. Instead of having their own advertisement campaigns, a vast majority of online casinos just offer commissions to private advertising companies to send traffic to their website. Although some casinos choose for a CPA model (cost per acquisition), most online casinos use revenues to pay shares to affiliates.

It is the affiliate marketing model being utilized by a lot of casinos in the online gaming industry that has helped shape the way online casinos fail or succeed. Most affiliate marketing companies look up the casino’s history to see if they are worthy of trust prior to advertising it and recommending it to players. Some however, choose casinos only based on the projected profits they may reap out of a partnership. For players who might have issues with online casinos, it is the affiliates that serve as a primary mediator.

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