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Welcome to OnlineCasinoReports Australia, the definitive guide for the best gambling sides and top online casinos. We supply a steady stream of impartial reviews and guides written by experts.

We have designed our website with you in mind, the Australian player. OCR is your main source of information regarding the latest iGaming news, as well as game reviews and guides. You can find everything about us and our work on this page.

Our Goal

OnlineCasinoReports is a place where the ultimate iGaming sites and online casinos are analyzed. It took us more than two decades of intensive research and we put a lot of time and energy into the process. Driven by passion, we have accomplished our goal of creating a network of localized websites with relevant content. Our experts provide in-depth reviews and industry insights while keeping you up-to-date with the latest news and integrating players in the global community.

We strive to provide the best options for prospective punters and to achieve this we have created an effective toolset that helps you during the selection process. It empowers you to filter out unworthy promotions and offers while finding the ones that are perfect for your budget and expectations.

Whether you seek the latest information or have second thoughts about anything casino related, our guides will help you navigate the waters and there is a smooth learning curve to make you an expert.

Our Guideline

OnlineCasinoReports is a platform driven by passion and commitment to help players enjoy the online gambling environment responsibly and safely.

This has been our main concern for two decades and these are the principles governing our work:

  • We emphasize the importance of players' reviews and feedback.
  • The content is written exclusively by our experts after thorough research.
  • We offer all our content for free to all our readers.
  • OnlineCasinoReports is 100% independently owned and operated.
  • We provide advice and recommend casinos independently without interference.
  • Our partners include review boards and independent auditors.
  • Game and casino reviews are written by our impartial experts.
  • iGaming sites are recommended through a comprehensive 12-point process.

Our Warranty

We look after our readers and that’s why our content is unbiased, transparent, and independently researched. We pledge to you that our professionals have used the latest and most reliable industry sources to produce game and casino reviews, as well as news articles and guides.

Our Team

Industry knowledge is the most valuable resource when operating in such a competitive business. OnlineCasinoReports was built on a solid foundation, by people who are passionate about online gambling and our team consists of experts in key fields.

Two decades later, we can brag about our team of veterans with unmatched experience in the iGaming industry. The result is a portfolio of reviews that were written, researched, and scrutinized by a team of experts with a passion for gambling.

We want to keep you up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations, such as cryptocurrency. To achieve this, we shook hands with industry leaders, recognized authors, and special guest posters, so we are capable of delivering quality content you can trust.

What we do

The abundance of news articles and the great speed at which new content is created poses unique challenges. Our commitment is to provide one reliable source of information for all these needs.

The comprehensive iGaming sites rating program underwent many changes over the last 20 years to get to this level. The 12-point system is the cornerstone of brand reviews, a holistic approach that analyzes online security, payment methods, games, and FairPlay, alongside other key elements.

Our experts are constantly on the hunt for the latest news and keep players in the loop with new bonus and promotion deals, game releases and updates, as well as legislation changes. We deliver this information in bite-size news pieces, as well as in-depth guides, to make it easier for players to assimilate the knowledge.

We have a vibrant forum that brings together community members and experts to share useful resources. Over so many years, a strong sense of camaraderie has developed and this is the place where punters discuss the latest news, and their experiences with various casinos and share insights.

We strongly believe that 20 years of experience in the online casino industry made us a reliable partner for players seeking independently verified data, reliable information, and insights needed to make the best gaming decisions.

The OCR Story

OnlineCasinoReports was born out of a passion for the gambling industry which was making its baby steps in the late 90s.

What started as a basic project born from passion, grew into a full-fledged operation that culminated with the release of the website in 2002. From that year onward, punters had easy and reliable access to reliable brand reviews and trustworthy news from the gambling industry.

2005 set another important milestone as the revamped version of the OnlineCasinoReports was launched. The new website made navigation easier while delivering the same convenient and necessary access to informative gambling content.

UIGEA broad sweeping changes to the gambling world in 2006, as the US market was shunned. OCR made the necessary changes and turned its focus to regulated markets from elsewhere.

Readers were happy to discover the new site design in 2008, with the much-celebrated filters and tools, alongside localized content and a broad player forum.

We had one of the earliest websites where punters could enjoy the personalized approach of national currencies and languages, alongside information about locally popular software providers. This was the driving force behind our next major network expansion in 2014.

Today, OnlineCasinoReports is a leading online gambling brand that has 75 local gambling portals, providing in-depth and easy-to-use information about games, casino reviews, and industry news.

2022 is another notable milestone for OnlineCasinoReports, as the latest iteration of the website was launched. The focus was on making it easier to browse on leading mobile platforms and will use the opportunity to add more filter tools to compare up to five casinos at the same time.

The search infrastructure parameters were also enhanced, so visitors can include game categories, casino games, and jackpots, alongside bonuses and casino guides.

Local Sites

The OnlineCasinoReports site is translated into many languages and available in localized versions. Find out more about OCR sites in your region and language by clicking the link below.

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