Tequila Poker is the brand new card playing craze

Admin. - November 19, 2012

Is it poker? Or, is it Blackjack? Well, it’s a bit of both really. Now you can enjoy a truly unique, new and exciting game. So, sit back, relax and play Tequila Poker.

It sounds complicated, but Tequila Poker is actually very straightforward and also a really dynamic, fast-moving game to play.  Place your ante (initial bet) and deal your initial four cards.  You will then be faced with three choices, which define the game.  You can fold and surrender your ante.  Or, you can choose High Tequila, which allows you to play a straightforward Blackjack hand.  Alternatively, you can choose the Tequila Poker option, which allows you to play Poker. 

Although the game only hit the screens in 2005, Tequila Poker has become a massive hit.  One excellent venue to play is Casino King, where not only is the game play particularly eye-catching, but there are also some especially attractive odds and payouts too.

Swiss Casino is another excellent option.  The rules, strategy and general information on the game are well presented.  Moreover, the software is very easy to download, giving you almost instant access to this exciting game.  Once you to start to play, you will be struck by the top-quality graphics, pleasant soundtrack and general playability of the game.  Keep an eye out for the two payout charts on either side of the play table, which detail the exact odds whatever option you decide to choose during the game.  You can also take advantage of the free preview game to familiarize yourself with Tequila Poker, before you opt to play for real cash.

Tequila Poker makes for a great change from traditional card games, giving you real control over what you want to play in one incredibly dynamic game. 

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