Progressive Jackpots That Pay Out Again and Again

Admin. - May 23, 2013

Casino La Vida has given out millions in progressive jackpot winnings this month alone.

For those not in the know or aware of Casino La Vida yet, the Microgaming casino has fast built up a reputation as the place to win big on a progressive jackpot game.

Not bad for an online casino which only racked up its first multi-million progressive win this month.

The hard facts: with half of May still to go, Casino La Vida has paid out over €3 955 239.00 in progressive jackpot winnings alone.

This was largely due to two major wins, with others as well.

Firstly, German GL registered with Casino La Vida on 5 May and began playing the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot video slot – only to win €3 036 553.77 an hour later. This was Casino La Vida’s first progressive jackpot payout over $1 million.

Then on 12 May another German La Vida gamer, UK, decided to try his hand at The Dark Knight  video slot, with its popular four different, randomly-triggered  progressive jackpots. This led UK to winning a fabulous €31 499.72 without breaking a sweat.

Casino La Vida head of promotions, Victoria Lamonte, said that the casino was “ecstatic” about the payouts. “Many people are convinced that online casinos hate to pay out big wins and avoid it wherever possible, but this is just not the case. Casino La Vida’s players have a sense of confidence about entering our casino, because they know they have a fair chance of striking it lucky. The more we pay out, the more loyal players we have! So we are ecstatic and hope GL and UK will get even bigger wins in future.”

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