Online Casino Jackpots - Timing Is Right

Published November 18, 2009

Online Casino Jackpots - Timing Is Right

A novel way to keep your eye on the prize.

"Temperature Gauge" is a brand new tool that is likely to play an increasing influence on punters' games choices.

It's Heating Up
This innovative feature will help punters to identify the hottest slots games around. Most bettors chase the jackpots by attempting to time their play around a likely jackpot hit. With slots, machines make regular payouts after building up their prize money.

"Temperature Gauge" helps punters by providing a list of slots, alongside their standing jackpot and a temperature reading which increases the more likely the game is to pay out. This is calculated by the time period since the last hit - the longer the period since the last jackpot, the 'hotter' the slots game is deemed to be.

Punters can therefore identify all the slots machines that are 'due' a win and can plan their play accordingly.

Check it Out!
This innovative tool from All Jackpots Casino will surely be an enticement to many punters, who will spy the hottest games around and want a whiff of the prize money.

Check out Temperature Gauge at your peril - the temptation to play just got better!

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