Basic Introduction to Roulette at the Online Casino

Admin. - December 20, 2011

Play Roulette and all of the other table games on offer at the Swiss Casino.

Playing table games at online casinos is a great fun way to win loads of money. Pretty much all casinos offer such games, some better, some exceptionally better.

The games are fun pretty much across the board, though you of course will be the judge of that. But some key factors are important, and will prove to be so once you start playing for real money. A responsible operator is key to that. We suggest Playtech-powered Swiss casino.

About Swiss

With so many different table games on offer at Swiss Casino, there is something for every type of player regardless of whether they are high stakes players or low stakes or whether they love games involving cards or dice. With the amazing graphics and really easy to use operating systems the games that the Swiss Casino has on offer are really intuitive and players will know just how to play straight away. There are several different versions of all of the classics available and the Roulette especially draws all of the big crowds.

Spin the Wheel

Playing Roulette is great fun and the amounts of money that can be won in a single session are enormous. It’s an easy game to play and there are loads of different bets that a player can make. The game is all about the little white ball spinning on the Roulette wheel. When the ball lands on a number it is that number that wins. Players can put as much money as they like on their favourite number and when that number comes in they win big but that’s not all there is to bet on. Each number is either black or red and players can place bets on a particular colour coming up as well as whether the number is odd or even. Players can make loads of different kinds of bets that pay out according to different pay scales. Play Roulette and all of the other table games on offer at the Swiss Casino.



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