How does online gambling work? Do I have to pay? Where are the game rules? Find the answers here.

Q: How do I find a reliable online casino?
A: This is a very good place to start! Finding a reliable and fair online casino amongst the many possible casinos can be a real challenge. For this reason, we at Online Casinos Reports do much of the hard work for you. If you follow our site reviews and recommendations, then you are unlikely to fall prey to any of the unsavoury gambling sites on the net.

Q: Do I have to gamble to play games in an online casino?

A: No. There are two kinds of online casino membership - gambling and guest. If you want to gamble, you open up a gambling membership. This involves you supplying your personal and banking details in order to set up fund transfers. However, if you simply want to play the games for fun then take out a guest membership.

Q: How old must I be to play on an online casino?
A: Reliable online casinos all have a strict minimum age policy. The youngest members that most sites will accept are 18 years of age. Some sites require members to be 21.

Q: Is online gambling legal?
A: In 2001, the Australian government passed a law called the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA). This act targeted Australian online gambling providers, essentially preventing them from doing any business in the country. However, it does not affect the customers of those services. Basically the IGA does not prevent Australians from participating in online gambling, providing those online services are situated outside of Australia. Sports betting is also permitted in Australia.

Q: Must I download casino software to my computer?
A: Generally speaking, yes, you will have to download the gambling software to your PC. This is a process that is only done once with each online casino you use, and the software normally takes only a couple of minutes to install. Online gambling software is extremely sophisticated, and the computer downloads are quite unlikely to interfere with the normal operation of your computer after you leave the casino.

Q: How do I start gambling?
A: After you have opened your gambling membership, the next task is to specify which online payment method you want to use. You should open an account with one of those payment vendors prior to starting to gamble.

After setting up your gambling account and selecting your payment vendor type, you will be required to deposit a minimum amount of money in your account. Many online casinos offer their clients new member bonuses, so make sure that you receive any welcome bonuses to which you may be entitled. With a positive balance in your account then it's off to the tables.

Q: How do I collect my winnings?
A: Each online payment vendor has its own rules for the deposit and withdrawal of funds. After you have played for a period of time and want to withdraw any winnings you have made, your payment company should provide the means for you to transfer any required amounts back to your own bank or credit account.

Q: What games are on offer?
A: This is one of those "how long is a piece of string?" questions. Most casinos will offer the standard package of poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots. Others will also provide variations of those games. Yet other websites will offer other types of gambling games such as mah jong and pachinko. Each online casino will display links to the various games that it offers on its home page.

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