Low Limit Roulette

Low limit roulette is now better than ever!

Low limit roulette is irresistible to almost everyone. No matter if you are playing at Singapore, Macau, Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the thrill of low limit roulette will beckon you. The game can now be played by all players no matter how small their bankroll is. Gone are the days when it’s the exclusive domain of high rollers. Games of roulette usually gives players good odds and individual players can get payouts of 35:1.

Roulette can be played at a rapid play mode or a slower mode depending on what the players likes. To get to the big prizes, you have to play with huge bets, however, if you are looking to understand the game, then low limit roulette is for you. It is quite the norm to find roulette tables at around $0.5-$1 at online casinos, Atlantic City and Vegas casinos and in fact, at some online casinos, the minimum bets start at about $0.05.

A lot of developers of casino software have designed roulette games to be attractive to players from various backgrounds by making it affordable. When playing low limit roulette, knowing which variant you are playing is paramount. American roulette (5.26%) has a higher house edge than European (2.63%) and French roulette.

The difference is the presence of zero. When you play French roulette, an interesting twist is when zero hits when you have even money bets, the prison rule protects you from losses in such a way that you only lose half of your bet. These 3 different variants of roulette is present at brick and mortar and online casinos worldwide.

Usually, players use different strategies for playing roulette whilst enjoying their favorite variant of the game. Strategies include ways to manage the bankroll such as D’Alembert system, Martingale system and the Fibonacci system. It should be noted though that roulette is not a game of skill but rather of chance and hence, strategy is more about managing the bankroll for staying power in the game.

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