Low Limit Baccarat

Get to play the game of the high-rollers at low limits!

Low limit baccarat may look strange from a certain point of view since the game was traditionally reserved for royalty, high rollers and the nobility. Nowadays, the classic game of baccarat which remains as rewarding and as enticing as ever is made available to casual players at traditional casinos worldwide.

With low limit baccarat, players can now get the feel and excitement of tie bets, banker bets and player bets since the rules are the same no matter if you’re playing high limit or low limit baccarat. This means that the house edge on tie bet is above 14 percent, the house edge on player bet is at 1.24 percent and the house edge on the banker bets is 1.06 percent. It would be helpful to note that betting on the banker bets will mean that the house gets to collect the Vigorish, a 5 percent commission on all winnings.

At traditional casinos, there are very few low limit baccarat games being played because of space issues. Casinos will give way to craps tables, slots machines and roulette tables because those games have a higher house edge and is therefore more profitable. Since this is not an issue at online casinos, you’ll have more luck finding low limit baccarat at the online casinos of the world.

You have to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of low limit baccarat. Standard baccarat or high limit baccarat gives better payouts than low limit baccarat and is known in the gambling world as ‘lower expectation’. Games such as mini baccarat enables almost everyone to participate in games of baccarat but then, the payouts of course will be lower.

Although baccarat is a game of the ancients and has an air of mystery about it, it is a fairly simple game. It is so simple that one famous gambler has been quoted to have said that wagering on a coin toss is at the same level of difficulty as a game of baccarat.

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