High Limit Craps

Casino big gamers having fun with craps!

High limit craps is one of the most beloved casinos games at both online and land based casinos. Players who love betting on games involving dice rolls will have the time of their life with the myriad of wagering range when playing craps. With craps, a good things is the fact that there are lots of player friendly odds on the bet options. Although craps is not a game of strategy, one can employ the use of strategy to play better at it.

High limit craps eradicates or minimizes the maximum bets players can wager on a crap roll. Players with more funds to gamble with tend to enjoy high limit craps because of the payout it gives. As long as the set wagering minimums are met, brick and mortar casinos tend to reserve tables where high limit craps is played.

There is a myriad of wagering options with craps and the game is relatively easy to play. Players can bet for or against the craps shooter, who is the person rolling the dice and is therefore the center of attention. Wagers are betted on a range of numbers or individual numbers that may come up with each roll of the dice. The craps shooter will then let the dice roll as soon as wagers are set in place.

In the traditional game of craps, the dice is required to bounce off the other end of the game table but this is not needed in the online version since the software does this automatically. As for the common bets, they come in the form of Pass bets and Don’t Pass bets which are related to the craps shooter’s success. The come out roll is the first dice roll the player makes wherein the numbers 3, 12 and 2 are to be avoided because if those outcomes come up, the craps shooter will have to be replaced by another.

Playing craps online comes with numerous advantages such as the inherent low house edge. The most common bets are the Don’t Come bets and Come bets as well as the Pass bets and Don’t Pass bets. When playing at online casinos, individual players can enjoy craps with the community feel generated by the casino software. Lots of players love having the myriad of bets they can have in playing craps, that’s why high limit craps remains a top choice.

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