High Limit Baccarat

Feel the highest summit of excitement with high limit baccarat!

When players think of baccarat, they typically would have an image of a high rollers’ favoured game flashing in their imagination. This exciting card game for casino goers has been the special arena of the noble bloods, royalty, ultra-rich and jetsetters. The roped off section of casinos is where baccarat is usually played. It is where you can see casino big shots betting with insane amounts of money on the banker, player or tie bets. This is the glamorous stage of baccarat, it draws people and keeps them entertained with heart-pumping gameplay.

High limit baccarat has become known as the favourite game for the major players at both online and land based casinos. Only players with the right amount of money are invited to play and thus, it gives games of high limit baccarat an air of exclusivity. Think of baccarat as the James Bond of the casino – sophisticated, suave and chic, truly a class on its own. Baccarat is also seen as a game for daredevils - gamers who are into big risks and big wins. Because baccarat is not a game of skill, it is only luck which determines the outcomes of the games.

The goal on playing baccarat is to be able to predict on which (banker or player) will get a number closest to 9. Because baccarat has the lowest house edge for players, land based casinos usually only offers seats to players at high limit baccarat tables if they are willing to bet incredibly huge wagers. To make it more accessible to more players, high roller baccarat can be played with bets of a minimum of $1000. What is high limit is determined by the player; nevertheless, there is very noticeable difference which sets high limit baccarat apart from low limit baccarat.

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