The Secret Behind Blackjack's Popularity

Published November 28, 2011

The Secret Behind Blackjack's Popularity

In case you were wondering, blackjack is fun!

At the Noble Casino there is a huge range of games on offer as well as bonuses and promotions that are specially made in order to boost player’s bankrolls. This means that anyone playing at this great casino has enough money to try out a whole range of different games.

The games that are causing a massive amount of hype at the moment are the Blackjack tables. These games are the most iconic of any casino game and no casino, online or brick and mortar would be complete without them.


There are two reasons that the Blackjack tables are so popular. The first is because they offer some of the best odds of any game in the casino, therefore players are more likely to see the money if they know how to play. The second reason is that the game is just loads of fun to play, you have a lot more control over what actually happens than in many other games on offer at the casino making it as much about skill as luck.

Keys to Winning

The key to winning money in this great game is not hitting a score of 21 on every hand. The key to making money is beating the dealer. In fact, beating the dealer is so important that the name of the game should be changed to “Beat the Dealer”. The way to win money is to judge how many cards to pull by looking at the card that the dealer has that is on display. Depending on what that card is the successful player will make their decision. If the dealer is showing a low card then the player doesn’t need to take too much of a risk as the chances are the dealer will keep pulling cards until going bust. If the dealer holds an Ace or a card worth 10 then it is worth playing a little riskier as the dealer is likely to have a qualifying hand.

Play this great game at the Noble Casino and win big.

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