Online Casinos Secured by thawte

Published June 2, 2011

Online Casinos Secured by thawte

When the casino's priority is players' security.

There are some very simple steps that you can take as an online casino player to minimise your risk of fraud and identity theft. One of these is to be selective about where you play and choose sites like Duel5 Casino that bear the distinctive trademark of thawte.

About thawte

thawte is one of today's internet security specialists. It is recognised around the world, including in Australia, and maintains only the highest standards of security and authentication, instilling confidence in all players who choose online casinos proudly bearing their seal of approval.

thawte relies on nothing by the highest levels of identity authentication available in the industry today. If thawte determines that a company, like an online casino, is valid it will issue what is called a SSL Web Server Wildcard Certificate.

As an additional layer of assurance, thawte is independent of the online casino meaning that you can trust their judgement.

All Equally Protected

Duel5 is a trusted online casino for a variety reasons but primarily because it relies on a quality security service, namely thawte, to protect the integrity of the sensitive data that it is entrusted to handle. It offers secure communications through encrypting all data to and from the online casino. This includes your personal and financial details such as your credit card number.

Your security headache just became much simpler to solve.

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