NSW Clubs Turn Down Centrebet Offer

Published October 22, 2008

NSW Clubs Turn Down Centrebet Offer

Australia’s ClubsNSW has turned down an offer from online gambling company Centrebet to install computer terminals in all of its venues.

Centrebet, a leading Australian online gambling company recently offered Australia's ClubsNSW an opportunity to place online gambling computer terminals in each of its venues. The offer was rejected by ClubsNSW.

Centrebet, a licensed Australian bookmaker based in Northern Territory, recently approached Australia's ClubsNSW with an offer to install computer gambling terminals in its venues. The offer was rejected by ClubsNSW in a move seen as a snub to the online gambling industry.

The second largest of Australia's private bookmaking companies (Sportsbet is the largest), Centrebet is still one of the largest bookmakers in the world covering many sporting and non-sporting events. The Centrebet Group provides over 4000 betting options each week. Recent moves have seen the company move into online casino and poker operations.

NSW clubs rejected the Centrebet offer in which they would have scooped 50% of all winnings from the gambling machines. ClubsNSW currently represents around 1,400 registered clubs across Australia.

ClubsNSW chairman stated that his organisation was taking a stand against online and credit card gambling. "It's one thing to gamble with your own money, it's a completely different thing to gamble with money that is being provided on credit,'' he said in a prepared statement. Mr. Newell stated that while problem gambling was something that affected only a small percentage of Australian adults, he claimed that recent research suggested that the number of problem Internet gamblers was rising.

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